The latest Environmental-friendly T Series Turbine Heat Circulation Shrink Tunnel adopt Britain-imported effective insulation fiberboards and turbine heat circulation systems, highly reducing the use of electricity. Ultra-strong turbine heat air current enables a rapid shrinkage, increasing the productivity, meanwhile reducing the wastage.
Icon Using of low temperature with super turbo air flow circulation which allows shrink film heat up expand and shrink to expel the excess air. Excellent performance.
Icon Adopting the Heat Integrated Design of the thermal circulation system. Automatic PID thermal adjustment rapidly rising up the temperature, saving energy.
Icon The lateral air flow directions of both sizes are adjustable. Bottom air flow strength can also be manipulated.
Icon Conveyor speed, blower Speed and Temperature adjustable on control panel
Icon Live roller belt equipped (Stainless steel or Teflon mesh attachable).
Icon Heat circulation occurred inside the tunnel and the high temperature will not release to operating room, keeping the room temperature normal.
Icon Maximum packing capacity up to 60pcs/min.
Icon F series, which is similar to T series, adopting a non-adjustable blower speed setting.
Icon Tailor-made versions available.
Icon Composite link belt
Icon Openable tunnel cover
Icon Observation Window on the tunnel cover
Icon Pressing roller preventing publications from bending
Icon Automatic Alignment Device for multi-packaging
Icon Stainless steel / Teflon mesh attachable
Beverages, tin can, bottled, soya sauce, daily-use products, cosmetic, candy, electronically appliances, stationery, gift boxes, greeting card, photo album, etc. They create extremely elegant packaging quality.
Model Machine Size L x W x H (mm) Chamber Size L x W x H (mm) Maximum Packing Size W x H (mm) Conveyor Speed (m/min) Voltage Power (KW)
T-61   1450 x 860 x 1080  1100 x 310 x 200  260 x 150  0~30  AC, 3PH, 380V  12 
T-62  1700 x 900 x 1160  1200 x 350 x 280  300 x 230  0~30  AC, 3PH, 380V  14 
T-63  2200 x 1000 x 1230  1700 x 450 x 350  400 x 300   0~30   AC, 3PH, 380V  16 
T-64  2200 x 1090 x 1230  1700 x 540 x 350  500 x 300  0~30  AC, 3PH, 380V  18 
T-65   2200 x 1250 x 1180  1700 x 700 x 280  650 x 230  0~30  AC, 3PH, 380V  23 
    Tailor-made versions available