Saving production cost can enhance competitiveness. How to reduce the cost but maintain product quality is always a difficult topic. E-shrink Servo T-400 can achieve this aim with its distinguishing features such as fast production speed accomplished by continuously motioned side sealer, automatic packaging process for saving manpower, servo control drive system and finger chain conveyor system providing stable performance, etc. Servo T-400 provides reliable and trouble-free packaging to help end users save cost, earning its renown thoughtout the industry.
Icon Servo Drive System ensuring stable performance under high or low operating speeds. Products running smoothly without slippages and unstable collations even during the continuous packaging process
Icon Servo T-400's maximum packaging speed reaching up to 80 packages / min
Icon With the Simple and Variety Products Infeed Systems, Servo series able to feed different kinds of products. Integrated with T-400 for an automatic production line is easy with the help of Automatic Infeed System
Icon Different automatic feeding units could be integrated with T-400 within an automatic production line
Icon End seal jaw could adjust easily to allow large and tall products
Icon Continuous sealing motion ensuring high production speed and reliable side sealing, providing strong and neat sealing lines
Icon Special side sealer device reducing wasteful films, saving up to 10% -20% material cost comparing with other machines. Thus, packaging cost could be reduced
Icon Films deployed at the lower part of the machine, making it more easiler to change the film and preventing any injuries resulted by the film changing process
Icon Perforation pins could be easily changed and adjusted
Icon Easy-handling touch screen control preventing man-made mistakes
  Programmable controller
  Auto error indicator provides an easy way for operaional mistakes' correction
  99 sets of products could be stalled in the machine memory, enhancing the efficiency of product changeover
  Measure values are used in the control system of the maching, providing a fast, simple and speedy product changing
  Cover feeder for feeding single sheet paper
  Vertical type feeder (for finger chain conveyor)
  Adjustable finger chain conveyor belt or product sparating conveyor
Model T-400  T-550 
Machine Size L x W x H (mm) 6300 x 1825 x 1385  5595 x 2060 x 1315 
End Seal Bar (mm) 500  630 
Packing Size L x W x H (mm) (60~1000) x (50~400) x (5~120)  (60~1000) x (100~500) x (5~120) 
Voltage 220V/1PH  220V/1PH 
Power (KW) 3.5  3.5KW 
Pneumatic 55psi, 4kg/sq.cm  55psi, 4kg/sq.cm