E-shrink Vertical L-bar Sealer Series provides flexible and durable packaging solutions to customers due to our advanced designs and innovation technology. One of the features of the series is the adjustable sealing frame , making the packaging process applicable to small to large commodities. Besides, with this practical function, the sealing line can always be located at the centre of the product's lateral side, making the sealing line more stable. The chance of having broken packages could be reduced. In addition, the time of the sealing process for thin commodities is expected to be shorten, increasing the productivity of your factory. E-shink Vertical L-bar Sealer Series is no doubt the best packaging solution for you!
Icon The 4-pillar sealing frame providing consistent and effective sealing process
Icon Adjustable sealing frame making large-scale commodity packaging applicable
Icon Folding on the sealing lines, which could be easily found with the use of traditional L-bar scissor sealing system, could be minimized
Icon Two sets of vertical and horizontal photoelectric sensor systems ensuring the preciseness of the package length
Icon Multiple parts of the machine adjustable, providing the flexibility to handle all POF shrink films
Icon CE mark certificated
Icon Production line could be set up by adding different infeed systems
Icon Films deployed at the lower part of the machine for easy film reloading and preventing any possible injuries resulted by the film reloading process
Icon Perforation pins can be easily changed and adjusted
Icon Tailor-made versions available
Icon Additional retractable conveyor (aims for small and unstable product)
Icon Automatic feeder for CD, DVD, magazine, box, etc, saving manpower
Icon Easy-handling touch screen control prevents man-made mistakes
  Programmable controller
  Auto error indicator provides an easy way for operaional mistakes' correction
  99 sets of products could be stored in the machine memory, enhancing the efficiency of product changeover
  Measure values are used in the control system of the maching, providing a fast, simple and speedy product changing
Beverages, tin can, bottled, soya sauce, daily-use products, cosmetic, candy, electronically appliances, stationery, gift boxes, greeting card, photo album, etc. They create extremely elegant packaging quality.
Model LB-802   
Machine Size L x W x H (mm) 2000 x 1450 x 1315   
Sealing Bars Size L x W (mm) 630 x 515   
Packing Size L x W x H (mm) (60~560) x (60~430) x (10~180)  Tailor-made versions available 
Conveyor Speed (m/min) 26   
Voltage 1PH, 220V   
Power (KW) 3.0   
Pneumatic 55psi, 4kg/   
Applicable Films POF,PVC, PE