The LB-728 Automatic L-bar Sealer provides an economic, durable and easy-operated solution for packaging. LB-728 is widely applicable to packagings of toys, cosmetic, tools, foods, stationeries, daily commodities, electric appliances, etc.
Icon The PLC control system being used possessing safety protection and alarming functions.
Icon The sealing system capable for continuous sealing, with no waste product stuck onto the blade.
Icon Easy maintenance and operation
Icon Electric eyes and timer used to automatically calculate the length of the film being fed
Icon 2 sets of electric eyes equipped horizontally and vertically for alternative selections, providing the ability of product packaging in various sizes
Food, gift boxes, electronics, stationery, toys, metalwares, tools, cosmetic, drug, clothing, daily-use products, electrical appliances, bambooware, etc.
Model LB-728 
Machine Size L x W x H (mm) 1795 x 985 x 1570 
Sealing Bars Size L x W (mm) 565 x 460
Packing Size (mm) (100~450) x (60~350) x (5~120) 
Conveyor Speed (m/min) 26 
Voltage 1PH, 220V 
Power (KW)
Pneumatic 55psi, 4kg/ 
Film to be used POF,PVC, PE