E-shrink Horizontal Automatic Wrapper LB-590 is suitable for packaging cup-shape and box-shape product, for examples, beverage bottles, books, batteries, soaps, machine parts, etc.
Mechanical features
Icon Simple and smart mechanic structure design, easy for operation and adjustment
Icon Double-drive longitudinal sealer system ensures firm and smooth longitudinal sealing.
Icon High speed horizontal sealer system provides beautiful and firm sealing line
Icon "Blade Position Adjusting on Power-off" function adopted. Safety clutch attractable for special product production.
Electric Features
Icon Control and configure all machine motions and necessary machine adjustment in a single control panel.
Icon Digital indicator shows sizes for film cutting, packaging capacity, etc.
Icon Adapting a PLC system, reducing joints or contact points of the machine, providing stability, reliability and easy maintenance to the machine.
Icon Convenient and simple Frequency control
Icon Photoelectric sensor used to detect the color mark on the film.
Beverages, tin can, bottled, soya sauce, electronically appliances, stationery, gift boxes, photo album, etc.
Model LB-590 
Machine Size L x W x H (mm) 1780 x 1596 x 1295 
Packing Size (mm) (50~Unlimited) x (50~390) x (2~180) 
Packing Capacity (PPM)
(depends on goods size and dimension)
Voltage 1PH, 380V 
Power (KW) 3.5 
Applicable Films PVC, OPP, ETC.