The maximum packaging capacity of Automatic Side Sealer is 60 packs per minute. Memory Function allows data like conveyor speed, sealing temperature and cycle time to be stored in the machine's memory. A variety of shrink films is applicable to this model. LB-400 is specially designed for packaging long products such as profiles, rails, bars, etc., and at random lengths as well. Automatic Side Sealer is comfortable and efficient to handle by its open and accessible design. High operating efficiency ensures Fully Automatic L-sealer a first-class packaging quality. A good price to value ratio of this machine is also beneficial to you.
Icon The Side Sealing Function aiming to cut off the remaining films, resulted in the unlimited length for the commodity.
Icon Height of the Central sealing adjustable
Icon Memory Function for product data retrieving
Icon Able to handle various products from small size to large size, even to unstable commodities.
Icon Easy to change the packaging size
Icon Films deployed at the lower part of the machine for easy film reloading
Icon High packing capacity, up to 60 packs per minute
Icon Tailor-made versions available
Food, gift boxes, electronics, stationery, toys, metalwares, tools, cosmetic, drug, clothing, daily-use products, electrical appliances, bambooware, etc.
Model LB-530  LB-800  LB-1100 
Machine Size L x W x H (mm) 1820 x 1605 x 1330  2240 x 2145 x 1490  2530 x 2765 x 1490 
End Seal Bar (mm) 530  800  1140 
Packing Size L x W x H (mm) (50~Unlimited) x (50~420) x (2~120)  (200~Unlimited) x (150~660) x (2~120)  (300~Unlimited) x (200~1020) x (10~120) 
Conveyor Speed (m/min) 10-30  10-30  10-30 
Voltage 1PH, 220V  1PH, 220V  1PH, 220V 
Power (kW) 3.0  3.5 
Pneumatic 55psi, 4kg/  55psi, 4kg/  55psi, 4kg/