LB-119 Fully Automatic Sleeve Wrapper is designed for canned foods, paper boxes, pharmaceuticals, glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc. With multiple functions, the LB-119 Fully Automatic Sleeve Wrapper could perform individual packaging or assembling packaging. A assembly line could be formed attaching the Automatic Film In-feed Device.
Icon Easily controlled, experienced workers not necessarily required for the operation of the machine, increasing the production efficiency
Icon Rustproof hull enhancing machine’s durability
Icon Paper boxes not required to cushion the bottoms of the commodities being packed
Icon Equipped with user-friendly interface - Programmable Logic Controller
Icon High efficiency with lower labour cost.
Icon Appreciating the value of finished good, with dustproof and anti-dampness feafures.
Icon Reinforcing the firmness of products,meanwhile, reducing the cost of carton and saving the packaging cost.
Icon Saving the transportation and packaging cost when mounted on the assembly line
Icon Durable and easily-replacing alloy steel cutter
Icon With the adoption of the double-acting cylinder for the material feeding system, packaging speed could be increased significantly
Beverages, tin can, bottled, soya sauce, electronically appliances, stationery, gift boxes, photo album, etc.
model LB-119 
Machine Size L x W x H (mm) 2400 x 1750 x 2085 
End Seal Bar (mm) 1300 
Packing Size L x W x H (mm) (200~800) x (300~1000) x (15~600) 
Voltage 1PH, 220V 
Power (KW)
Pneumatic 55psi, 4kg/ 
Film to be used PE