5525-ACA Automatic Collect & Arrange Sealer is designed for commodities in various sharps, for example, rectangle, square, cylinder,etc. Thus, It is ideal for assembling heat shrink packaging for bottle products or boxed products such as can, mineral water and soft drink. PLC is the control system for 5525-ACA. And all main electric components of the machine are produced by international renowned corporations, ensuring stable performance from the machine.
Icon Touch panel display
Icon Automatic feeding system providing precise and manpower- saving solutions for packaging
Icon Glass, cans, cartons and boxes, both single and multi-tier, with or without trays products can be automatically handled
Icon Optoelectronic safety device equipped on the seal frame to ensure optimum operating safety and protect fragile products
Icon Flexible configuration of the machine
Icon Easy to repair and maintain
Icon Equipped with user-friendly interface - Programmable Logic Controller
model 5525-ACA 
Machine Size L x W x H (mm) 1300 x 2305 x 1800 
End Seal Bar (mm) 650 
Packing Size L x W x H (mm) (50~290) x (50~550) x (15-250) 
Voltage 220V, 1PH 
Power (KW) 2.5 
Pneumatic 55psi, 4kg/sq.cm 
Film to be used PE