2 in 1 Seal & Shrink
Icon Sealing and shrinking at one time, saving working procedures
Icon Transparent cover allowing a clear view of the sealing and shrinking process
Icon Fiberglass-made blade trough and nickel-chrome-made sealing blade ensure neat packaging performance
Icon Perforation device attached, allowing air to be discharged in order to enhance the packaging performance
Icon Adjustable Film stand, films with different sizes applicable
Icon Adopting heat-resistant blade holder, blade holder more endurable
Icon Various conveyors could be connected to our 2 in 1 machine in order to increase the productivity
1) Roller Conveyor
2) Scrap Rewinder
3) Conveyor Belt
Model Machine specification L x W x H (mm) Sealing range L x W (mm) Maximum Product Height (mm) Packaging Capacity (PPM) Maximum Range of Films Applicable -Dia x L (mm) Electrical Source Power Consumption (KW)
LB-501  1130 x 660 x 1220  460 x 320  200  250 x 470  1PH, 220V  2.1 
LB-502  1230 x 750 x 1200  550 x 420  200  250 x 600  1PH, 220V  3.5 
LB-503  1900 x 1000 x 1200  840 x 600  200  250 x 600  3PH, 380V